Powerful personalities that had to be released — many fragments exist
in Miles' astral palace but these have been turned to statues.

APRIL 22, 2010
April 22 - 20110

Alan Morton

The former assistant to Edward Saint-Bosse in the Nueroscience Institute, he as dedicated to research of Requited Nervous Systems and ended up dying while trying to help a patient calm their gifts. He overtook Miles' the night of April the 21st but the following day was released with a goodbye to his coworkers.
pb: freddie highmore
July 16 - 2011

Haru Masuda

July 4th in Bar Harbor, Maine; a young Haru Masuda is sailing with his family to watch the fireworks and falls overboard. It's Benjamin Saint-Bosse who dives in to try to save the child upon noticing the screaming and crying. Miles and Chuku dive in after but the clan gets to Haru too late. The boy takes Miles over with the thrashing and drowning of his suffering; for nearly two weeks Miles' temper flares and turns him into a child whose demonic aura claws into the walls around himself and destroys pieces of furniture. No one is hurt by Haru before Miles calms him enough to let him go, peacefully reminding him of his family and allowing him to see the memorials built to prove all the love in his name.
pb: goto yutaro
October 30 - 2012

Ryn Stambouli

A practicing witch who was hit by a car one block from a cafe Miles was dining in. Ryn was subtle, a presence that nurtured and tried to guide Miles until he found her niece and she overtook him to help protect the teenager and give her the family grimoires. She was released one minute before midnight, when the spirits were falling back to rest.
pb: sofia boutella
March 09 - 2013

Holly Vedder

Driven to suicide by her depression, Holly's personality affected Miles' control over illusions. She began to recreate the spaces around him with a coy smile. After causing a car accident that hospitalized a teen, Holly was able to be put toward release on March 9th.
pb: mary elizabeth winstead
January 13 - 2014

Josh 'Kickback' Smith

Homeless veteran who died from a winter storm, Kickback took over when Miles began to miss home. Instead of going home, however, he was brought to a memorial cemetery and asked to be released in honor with his former unit.
pb: michael x. sommers
March 25 - 2015

Kyler Hopper

Killed for his potential to affect the senses, Kyler overtook Miles to make sure that no one came after his siblings over some money he'd been skimming on his drug deals. There was a shoot out and Kyler vanished into the vapor on March 25 — his money went to his siblings.
pb: taylor kitsch
June 17 - 2015

Diana Grainger

A powerful ancient witch who lingers in the astral realm, she inhabited Miles for a time and grew stronger after the chaos of invasion; her gift meant she can cast any spell by speaking the will aloud. Miles defeated her in a game of Scrabble to banish her — but she travels the planes still.
pb: mary steenburgen
November 03 - 2015

Rev. Otis Wyaters

A heart attack took the good Reverend when the Returned started to appear. He lingered in Miles for the total of the time, taking over to go and be with his Returned Wife. When she passed again, his anger drove holy light to smite the Earth around himself. Miles was able to subdue and release him afterwards.
pb: keith david
May 08 - 2016

Raymond Powell

Detective Powell resided in Miles for years before taking the wheel over when Miles began to live in Oxford. Things would go missing in the local area and Powell was the reason behind it, as a means to keep in charge. Miles was able to overcome when he almost made a child vanish.
pb: colin salmon
August 21 - 2016

Tessa Speer

A haunting in the longest way, Tessa grew with Miles until he drank too much one night in Oxford while still being too young. She took over and haunted the home he was living in; some of the students left, terrified and sure their drugs bugged them. When Tessa tried to Kill, Miles had to fight and release her into the afterlife.
pb: jane levy
September 09 - 2017

Aditya Bhargav

Aditya came from an attempt to mediate Miles' stress levels with yoga. The more he meditated, the stronger Aditya grew, until Miles was locked in a constant meditative state that emitted calming waves through all of Oxford. It lasted for five days before someone noticed and tried to disturb Aditya; in the process, he mentally paralyzed an officer of the Safe Haven and proceeded to fall apart to Miles' will. Miles was able to repair the officer's body himself.
pb: arjun gupta
July 18 - 2018

Cyrus Mundi

A chrono manipulator who started to alter the black out moments Miles had until he took over himself. Cyrus wanted for nothing more than a normal life — he even went into a few classes as Miles himself, choosing not to shift the image of his body when he could avoid it. Miles only took over after an actual battle while Cyrus went to sleep; it lasted for what felt like a lifetime but only a few moments in flesh.
pb: spike lee